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Shipping Information

All shipment charges, additional handling charges and service options are given to you prior to checkout. You get truck rates on large orders as well as various UPS shipment options. If you decide the shipping cost is not feasible, contact the Sales Department to verify the quote or to check other shipping options. (1-800-536-2683)
Shipping carrier and charges are based on order weight, size and destination. We work with dozens of shipping carriers to find the best rates. For freight or flatbed shipments, customer is responsible for offloading and signing for goods on arrival. Carefully inspect your order upon receipt and notify the carrier of damaged or missing packages. Shortages or error must be reported within 48 hours. UPS/Fedex fees, such as address corrections and Saturday delivery are charged as published by the shipping carrier.
The billable weight for each oversize 1 package is 30 pounds.
The billable weight for each oversize 2 package is 70 pounds.
The billable weight for each oversize 3 package is 90 pounds. Plus $40 large package charge.
UPS residential delivery rates are charged for all UPS shipments (for which the customer would normally pay shipping - like FOB items). UPS makes it too hard for us to know when a lower rate is used until after it has been delivered.
$30.00 Returned Check Fee. 10% re-stocking fee applied to returned, unopened/unused products.
Sales Tax is charged in PA, OH, IN, ID, MO, NC and KY. Signed forms are needed to show tax exempt status. (Resources)
Your order will be shipped from the nearest location where possible. If you would like directions to the location nearest you to pick up your order please see Directions. It is a good idea to call ahead and make sure you order is ready and the office open. Use the number above to talk to a service representative.
UPS From Blairsville, PA:
UPS Time in Transit
UPS From Earl Park, IN:
UPS Time in Transit
Current shipping rates are available. The web site makes the best calculation possible. Usually the estimate is higher than the actual cost of the FOB items. To check the actual cost of the shipping on your order use the toll-free number at the top of the page.