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T-Post Drivers

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    This spring-loaded tube driver provides an easy way to set steel t-posts and ground rods in virtually any type of soil. Once the up and down driving pattern is established, the internal spring will "lift" the driver to the top position. Pulling down on the handles drives the posts in and the spring returns to the top.
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    The PostMate T-Post Puller and Driver pulls posts easier than traditional pullers. Reverse hammer action turns this tool into a t-post puller to break posts free to quickly remove old t-posts. Hardened alloy steel surfaces provide long life and durability.

    Because the driver mounts directly to the post (not to the top), there is no damage to the post. This type of mounting makes the driver ideal for tall posts - no need for ladders!
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    • Large, easy to grip handles
    • Works in virtually any soil type
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    • 2" barrel
    • Drives posts from 1" to 1⅞" in diameter
    • 1" adapter sleeve included for ¾" to 1" posts
    • 1,750 beats-per-minute
    • Weighs 35 pounds
    • Powered by 1.3 horsepower, Honda 4-stroke engine
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    • Weighs 45 pounds
    • 700-1,350 beats-per-minute
    • Powered by 1.2 horsepower, 4-stroke engine
    • 100% self-contained
    • Handles are designed for comfort
    • Simple recoil pull start with trigger throttle and integrated stop button
    • This driver is for occasional, light-duty use only (homeowners, farmers, ranchers). For heavier, more frequent jobs, we recommend one of our commercial-grade units (PGD2000 or PGD3200).

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5 Item(s)