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...Put money in the Bank!!

...Put money in the Bank!!

An editorial By Richard Wright

That’s what every good solid fence post would say if they could speak.

I’ve been looking at quicker ways to construct Fence lines and creating good, strong, straight and beautiful fence lines takes a lot of time and care. To be able to quickly construct a better, stronger fence that also looks good, has to mean valuable money in the bank. I had heard of some amazing claims about a better way to construct fence lines, so I went in search. To find out where the best “Fencer’s” are in the world, I had to travel down under and make a visit to New Zealand in the South Pacific. A beautiful country where specialized agriculture, cattle, dairying, sheep and now vitaculture is huge business. If this is where the worlds best Fencer’s live, it must also be where the best equipment to do the job is found. The New Zealand Fencer’s have a secret weapon, the awesome “Post Driver.”

I asked local fencing contractor Wally Nathan why he uses a “Post Driver”.

“I use a side mounted “King Hitter” on my crawler. It bangs ‘em in solid and solid they stay, we used to bore and tamper each post by hand. It was slow and we needed to redo quite a few. Getting ‘em dead straight was a real task. Now I use a Series III King Hitter Hydraulic Post Driver. My son and I can Ram up to nine hundred, 6” posts in a single day. All straight as an arrow and at any angle I choose, up to 45°, and that’s big bucks for me.” Says Wally with a grin, as he climbed down from his brand new ‘Ram’.

To find out about Wally’s secret weapon I contacted Mr. Post Driver himself, Jim Fairbrother, President of “Fairbrother Industries,” He explained that he has spent over twenty two years perfecting this marvelous invention, the Hydraulic Post Driver, and no you don’t need to sharpen the posts like a pencil, in fact having the posts squared off at the end is part of the King Hitter secret. Says Jim “When the post is rammed into the ground it creates what the scientists call “Hydraulic Suction” around the post. The soil is immediately mechanically strengthened by a reduction in soil porosity and an increase in soil compaction, thus the surrounding natural ground pressure is used to secure the post. That means the tougher the terrain, the tighter the post.”

Jim confers “We have tested this theory in all types of environmental conditions. It takes approximately sixteen times more lifting tension to remove a Post that has been Ram Driven into the ground with a “King-Hitter” than a bored and tampered post. Plus the local Fencers have told me that on a on a good day they can easily drive up to nine hundred, 6” posts into the ground, all as straight as an arrow.”

Fairbrother Industries manufacture three sizes of Post Driver, simply called the Series 1, 2, and 3, and all aptly named the “King Hitter.”

“I never invented the Post Driver, I just perfected it into the worlds best.” Says Jim proudly.

Watching one of these weapons work, I can easily believe him.