Post Drivers


Kiwi Drivers

The Kiwi Post Driver will drive all types of wood or steel posts in nearly every soil condition and is available in various mounting options.


Driving Angles

50 Degrees Left-Right
50 Degrees Forward-Back

Standard Driver

Impact 120,000 lbs.
Unit Weight 872 lbs.
Min. Hyd. Req 15 GPM @ 2000 psi
Post Capacity 10' long x 8 3/4" Diameter
Driving Heights
60" Welded In - 53" Bolt In
48" Bolt In - 36" Slide In
18" Slide In

14' Tall Beam Post Driver

Unit Weight 954 lbs.
Post Capacity 14' Long x 8 3/4" diameter
Driving Height
8' Welded In - 6' Bolt In
4' Bolt In

Kiwi Fence Training School

Contact Bonita Whalen for any questions at 800-536-2683 extension 312 or [email protected]

Learn From The Best

Every farmer knows the value of a good fence. At the Kiwi Fence Training school, you'll receive two days of valuable hands-on and classroom instruction from veteran industry professionals.

About the School

The two-day school covers techniques for building high-tensile, woven wire, coated wire and Horserail fences. You'll get the chance to drive posts and build fences in the field, while also learning successful fence business practices and more in the classroom. Whether you're a seasoned fence contractor or a first-time fence builder, the Kiwi Fence Training School is an investment that is sure to build both your skills and your resume.