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Post Driver Rental

Our Wheatheart rental post driver comes equipped with a 13 HP Honda motor, a power down auger system and four head mounting positions. It will drive posts up to 14 ft tall and of any diameter. For just $200 for the first day and $175 for each additional day, it's a convenient, cost-effective substitute for setting posts by hand. Call 800-536-2683 for more details.


Propane-Powered T-Post Driver For Rent

The propane powered t-post driver is the fastest and easiest way to install t-posts. With 700-pound driving force, it delivers up to 150 blows per minute, allowing you to drive 200 posts per tank.
  • Completely self-contained - no hoses required
  • Ideal for remote locations or rough terrain
  • Weighs under 45 pounds
  • One-person operation

Rate is $145.00 first day, $130.00 each consecutive day. FREE one-day rental with purchase of 500 or more t-posts. Available at Peculiar, Missouri warehouse only.